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Correctional Officer Gear, 3-in-1 holster

Correctional Officer Gear, 3-in-1 holster

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We've heard that some correctional staff don't require the standard, bulky duty belt.  This product was developed in consultation with a staff member in Sterling who wanted a simple holster that would attach to a regular belt.  It features 2 belt clips to attach to your belt, a handcuff holster, an OC Canister holster (fits Mark III and Mark IV canisters) and a Key Lanyard.  Select Left or Right hand.  This 3-in-1 holster pairs perfectly with our buckle-less Security Belt that will pass through metal detectors without requiring you to remove it.

This product is hand-crafted to order by our artisan leather workers, and takes about 7 days to ship.  


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