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CCI Model Wade Working Roper Saddle

CCI Model Wade Working Roper Saddle

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Saddles are built to order and take 8-10 weeks to ship

This Wade Working Roper is built to provide durability and reliability, while out working the ranch.

The saddle features a large, wood, roping horn with a 4” cap, atop a wade style swell/fork. We’ve added our manufacturer’s strength upgrades to both the horn and swell/fork for added strength and reliability. The horn is built using a 4-piece construction, is hand-sewn, and we’ve added a removable mule-hide horn wrap for easy change-out should you wear it out. A 5/8” rope strap is also included. The swell/fork cover features a two-piece construction with a rolled-lip front, and pinking at the rear underside.

 The saddle is rigged, for added strength, using an independent flat plate. The front riggings are hung in the 7/8 position, however, we can hang the rigging in either the full-double or ¾ position if desired. This saddle utilizes Horseshoe Brand hardware for both the front and rear riggings.

The skirts are a sleek, butterfly style, rounded skirts. They are lined with sheep’s wool (pictured in golden but available in black), for a more traditional style. The skirts are laced at the rear and fastened to the tree bars utilizing tugs.

 A rear housing tops the skirts at the rear of the saddle for a nice finished look. The rear housing is a 3-piece construction cut to match the rear profile of the skirts.

The seat is a full hard seat with a deeper belly for a more traditional look. The seat jockey is rough out. We’ve also included bucking rolls on this model for a more secure feel while working on this saddle.

 This saddle features a standard 4” Cantle and Cheyenne roll cantle binding. (pictured, a Pencil-roll binding is available upon request). Our cantle bindings are always hand-sewn for a cleaner look, and for durability. The binding is 1-1/2” standard but wider cantle bindings are available upon request.

The fenders are an 18” harwood style fender, with exposed stirrup leathers, and Blevins Buckle attachment. Our standard full leathers are 66” long and we custom fit each pair of fenders to the saddle to ensure maximum adjustability for the model and fender length. The fenders are riveted and sewn for greater strength and reliability. (shorter or longer fenders are available upon request) Cal-twist is standard on all our fender options. (No twist available upon request)

The stirrups are a 3” Roper style full cover stirrup with 2-1/2” neck. They are laced up the sides and under the tread using latigo lacing. Leather stirrup hobbles are included on all our models. 

Double front latigo straps (84” x 1-3/4”) are included for rigging the front girth (not included), and a rear billet and flank cinch (included) are utilized at the rear. The billets and flank cinch are latigo-backed, doubled and stitched, for added strength.

This saddle features dual latigo carriers at the front with breast collar dees built in, a single cinch carrier at the right cantle corner, and a six-string setup with “blood knot” attachment. Our leather rosettes are tooled for a clean, finished look.

The saddle (as pictured) features a complex border tooling with basket stamping. This tooling style typically includes a complex border on the horn, fork, flat plate, and skirts, with basket stamping on the exposed stirrup leathers only. Multiple tooling styles are available on this model.

Our saddles utilize 14/15 oz. skirting leather, and latigo. All hardware is stainless steel.

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