Collection: CTA Officer Gear

This is a collection of leather gear designed for correctional officers, and is intended for sale to students at the Corrections Training Academy in Colorado Springs.

The "Correctional Officer Gear Bundle" has all the basics each officer should have (handcuff case, OC Holster, Radio Holster, Leather key lanyard, and belt keepers.

There is a list of additional items needed for each facility (on the bulletin board in the break room,) and you can find these items under "Officer Gear, Individual Items"

Please order no later than Sunday, March 3rd to have your gear delivered to you before graduation.

We will be onsite at lunchtime on 3/7 to deliver your order.

If you would like to use the payroll deduction, select the "purchase order" option in the shopping cart, and we will bring the payroll slip for you to sign at delivery.



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