State Wildland Inmate Fire Team gets off to busy start of fire season

State Wildland Inmate Fire Team gets off to busy start of fire season

Despite higher than normal snowfall throughout the state, Colorado has already experienced several wildfires this season, and CCI's State Wildland Inmate Fire Team (SWIFT) has been called into action on 3 of those fires in the month of April alone.  This photo was taken at the Trujillo Creek fire near Aguilar, CO.  In April, SWIFT was also dispatched to the North Creek fire near Beulah, CO and the Hogback fire near Morrison, CO.

In addition to fighting fires, the SWIFT crew travels around the state performing critical mitigation work, reducing combustible fuels on both public and private lands in partnership with the Department of Natural Resources. With this years high snowpack and spring rains, we could potentially experience another dangerous fire year in 2023.  If so, SWIFT will be wherever they are called.

The incarcerated members of SWIFT have worked hard to earn their spot on this team, and many express gratitude for the opportunity to serve the community in this meaningful way.   

Here's the evaluation SWIFT received after one of the recent fires:

The CC Swift crew was a pleasure to have on my Division. All the crew overhead was respectful and great with communication. The crew was able to secure a large/ complex piece of fireline over multiple wind events. Each member of the crew treated me with respect and was always open to feedback! It is refreshing to work with a group that has this high of drive and good attitudes. As an operator, it is fantastic to have the Swift crews help us on fires, it is a great program! Keep up the solid work and I will see you on the next one.

Thanks SWIFT!  You guys are heroes in our book!

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