CCI Awarded contract for Bear Resistant receptacles

CCI Awarded contract for Bear Resistant receptacles

On June 6, the Aspen City Council awarded a contract for CCI Metal Shop to build 185 bear-resistant receptacles for their organic waste diversion program.  These will be used for collecting food waste and other organic material to be composted instead of going to a landfill.

CCI will provide portable 64 gallon and 95 gallon sizes for residential or small store-front use.  We will also make 2 and 3 yard dumpsters that can be picked up by rear-loader trucks, and these models are reinforced with tri-union bars and body stiffeners for longevity of use. 

Powder coating for all of our products uses a PPG exterior grade polyester blend for prolonged outdoor exposure and resistance to corrosion.

"Pitkin County Landfill and other jurisdictions have used CCI in the past and recommend them, and we're confident that these are among the best quality wildlife proof containers on the market" - Jimena Baldino, City of Aspen Waste Diversion and Recycling Specialist (quoted from Aspen Daily News Story, June 17)

The CCI metal shop builds a variety of wildlife resistant products including single and double recycle/trash containers for 32-95 gallon cans, campsite food storage lockers with child safety release system, and 2-8 yard rear and front load dumpsters with a variety of options. 

These products are ideal for towns, residences, campgrounds, or anywhere humans and wildlife intersect.

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Read more at the Aspen Daily News. Inmates aid Aspen's Compost Program

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